The following is the text of the presentation on March 4, 2003 by Brian G. McHenry of the paper:

"SMAC 2003 - The Automatic Iteration of SMAC", SAE Paper 2003-01-0486

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These are magnificent times we live in! We are on riding the wave of the information technology age.

Notebook computers, unlimited and inexpensive memory and disk space, high speed wireless internet, the web. We live in a time of unlimited technological potential, capacity and capability.

Reflecting back on my first experiences with digital computers, I recall punched cards, green bar printouts, and rooms filled with millions of dollars of computers and peripherals. Think how amazing it was then! Think that those machines were limited to 640K memory! Realize that the notebook you have today has hundredths if not thousands of times faster processing speed. These are magnificent times we live in!

So what does this have to do with the paper? Approximately a year and a half ago I was working on an HVOSM simulation of a single vehicle collision. And having recently purchased a gigahertz Pentium computer I loaded the software on the machine and was amazed that HVOSM ran simulations faster than real time! It was at that time that I realized that efficiently automating the SMAC computer program was feasible.

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