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Car makers in/of the hot seat

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:05 pm
by brian
Mar 9, 2011: Ole Sean Kane is at it again. Not crawling under a log like he should have after his debunked reports and face time trying to get publicity for the ""five attorneys, who sponsored some of [Kane's] research into Sudden Unintended Acceleration in Toyota vehicles" as he was paraded out at the NHTSA hearings wherein the message was Congress to Toyota owners: Be afraid, be very afraid! which of course was immediately debunked, and then again more recently The witchhunt is over? NHTSA finds NO electronic flaw...

He's now out to help his lawyer friends try to ramp up maybe a class action suits on car seat heaters.
See the article: NHTSA to look into burns from car seat heaters.
No doubt with Kane on the job, all findings are solidly based in lawyereze fact!!