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McHenry in Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:33 am
by brian
Nov 2011: Be sure to grab a copy of Collision magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 - Fall 2011
I have written a follow-up paper to my 2011 ARC-CSI presentation:
A Short History of Nearly Everything! (...about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)
  • In his 2005 book A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson takes readers on a spirited journey from the Big Bang to the present day with all things scientific in between. The size of the universe, the creation of the earth, Teutonic plates, tornados, cosmology, astronomy, paleontology, geology, physics, the garden club?, it’s all in the book. You will also find some very interesting stories about the many people involved in scientific discovery throughout the ages. I highly recommend the book as you will certainly enjoy the read!
    In the same spirit of things, this article will take you from the Big Bang of the 60’s digital computer revolution to the present time with all things related to McHenry in highway safety. I will focus in particular on some of the pioneering accomplishments in the field of computer applications to highway safety by my father, Raymond R McHenry in his first 25+ years in the field. I’ll also present some of the things he and I have accomplished working together for the past 30+ years as well as what we are planning for the future.
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