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Lane Keeping v Lane Assist v Drowsy Drivers

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:55 am
by MSI
Jan 22, 2012: NY Times: Trying to Nudge Drowsy Drivers
Ford announced last month that it would offer “lane-keeping technology” as an option for its 2013 Ford Fusion and Ford Explorer. The system will warn drivers if it detects a weaving pattern associated with drowsiness. When lane-keeping technology works, it can save lives.
Ford’s technology relies on a camera mounted to the rear-view mirror. When switched on and the vehicle is traveling more than 40 miles per hour, it will use the road’s lane markings to sense veering near one edge of the lane or the other.
Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes have introduced similar technology but call it “Lane Keep Assist.”
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