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Good Press, Bad Press

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:17 am
by MSI
March 18, 2013: In another forum, INCR, a topic was raised about the press and problems with proper and accurate coverage of safety issues.
It reminded me of the Toyota sudden acceleration witch hunt.
As a part of our coverage of that fiasco on this forum we also included links to other infamous press blunders which we covered in the topic: I also repeat our INCR posting here for those who aren't members of INCR:
  • People, People, People!
    Do not let a few bad apples in the press make you reject all apples in the press.
    Ask yourself the following:
    • Have you encountered 'experts' in the field who are of the 'You pay, will say'
      variety? The type who say whatever it takes to support their client rather than
      carefully evaluating the facts of a given circumstance with Sir Isaac watching
      and coming to proper scientific conclusions based on evaluating all the facts of
      a given case?
    Of course you all have!
    • Well then, does that mean all folks in our field should be rejected and lumped
      together with the few bad apples?
    No it does not.
    We all need to provide the same consideration for members of the press.
    Obviously with the rancor of the presidential elections and politics in general and the polarization of the reporting on some networks swinging either right or left we ALL need to carefully evaluate all reporting just as we carefully evaluate all reports we encounter in our `day jobs'.
    I have dealt with many folks in the press in the past 30+ years (first time in 1979!) and most have been conscientious folks trying to get the story correct.
    I have also encountered and rejected many who start with their whacko interpretation of things and simply want a parrot in the field to fill for their story.
    As ole Nancy used to say `Just say NO!' to those folks who really aren't interested in the truth. Just tell em `YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!' (cmon, ya'all know the movie!)