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Toyota complaints in perspective

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:48 pm
by MSI
Mar 5, 2010: From a couple of recent articles, it can be easily demonstrated how inflated the crisis is the Toyota ‘sudden acceleration’ problem has become when taken in perspective to the number of complaints per vehicle sold and number of complaints relative to other vehicle manufacturers. Where was the outrage, the panic, when NHTSA was receiving more than 10,000 complaints per year on GM and Ford? Apparently no tag line that worked as well as the scare tactice of Toyotas gone Wild! as in 'sudden acceleration'. Today the NY Times published some numbers relative to number of complaints per year for Ford, GM & Toyota, culled from and Note the large jump in complaints since the overloaded press scare tactics put a negative mindset into Toyota owners:
From New York Times: G.M. and Ford Channel Toyota to Beat Toyota
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Then from comes some additional clarification: Edmunds puts Toyota recall into marketplace percentage context
“Toyota ranks 17th among automakers in the overall number of complaints per vehicle sold... Toyota was the subject of 9.1 percent of the complaints from 2001 through 2010 (through February 3). During this period, the company sold 13.5 percent of all new cars in the United States”
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