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Toyota's internal acceleration inquiry: mechanics or PR?

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 7:39 pm
by MSI
May 20, 2010: The Washington Post reported today in Toyota acceleration inquiry not focused on mechanics, panel contends "Toyota's investigation into the causes of unintended acceleration in its cars appears to have been aimed less at identifying the root problem than at public relations, congressional investigators charged on Thursday." Representative Henry Waxman stated "What we have learned is deeply troubling, there is no evidence that Toyota has conducted extensive or rigorous testing of its vehicles for potential electronic defects that could cause sudden unintended acceleration."
This is right along the same lines of a recent report that New Toyota outrage! Company considered defending self! "The implicit message in all this is that Toyota no right to defend itself. Whether accused rightly or wrongly, it must simply take its lashes. For all the talk about "The Toyota Way," specifically whether the company has strayed from it, is this The American Way?"