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Toyota seeks to

Post by brian » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:26 pm

Nov 19, 2010: Detroit News Toyota seeks to dismiss acceleration lawsuits
A federal judge in California will consider a motion by Toyota Motor Corp. to dismiss lawsuits that claim there are sudden acceleration defects in its cars. Toyota argues the plaintiffs have been unable to prove that a design defect, namely its electronic throttle control system, is responsible for vehicles surging unexpectedly.
"Plaintiffs infer negligence and strict liability on the part of Toyota based on unsubstantiated circumstantial information," Vincent Galvin, an attorney for Toyota, said in court documents. "Unless and until plaintiffs can provide factual allegations of a specific defect in the (electronic throttle control system) that caused the subject vehicle to experience a sudden unintended acceleration event, plaintiffs' product liability and negligence claims should be dismissed," he said.
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