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Heavy Truck Crash tests?

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:19 pm
by MSI
The following are some references on Heavy Truck Crash Tests. This is no way comprehensive. Please add to the list.
Just a few references I found within arms reach.
Truck Crash Testing, E. Franchini, SAE 700411
Truck Tests on Texas Concrete Median Barrirer, T.J. Hirsch, PB 220 853
Heavy Truck Pilot Crash Test: Frontal Impact, R. Rice, PB81-244923
4 reports which start
"Reducing Heavy Truck Agressiveness Moving Heavy Truck Into a... by S. Johnston, NHTSA
1992 Honda Civic, PB93-167658
1986 Ford Taurus 4-DR, PB93-174928
1988 Ford Taurus, 4 DR PB93-175081
1986 Ford Taurus, 4Dr PB93-161982
The PB #'s are order numbers from NTIS