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Problems with ASCLD-LAB certification for Crime Labs

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:17 pm
by brian
August 26, 2010: Inspectors missed all SBI faults
A recent N&O series on problems with the State State Bureau of Investigation's (SBI) Lab has revealed some issues with the certification process of Crime Labs throughout the country.
As perhaps a symptom of the NC SBI situation, ASCLD-LAB, the only outsiders invited to review the work of the SBI of Investigation's lab for the past 20 years, missed all the problems revealed this month by two former FBI agents and newspaper reporters.
ASCLD-LAB, a group led by former SBI agents and based in Johnston County, is the leading accreditation agency for crime labs nationwide. But it reviews cases selected by supervisors in the agency being audited, and it does that only every five years.
The SBI's certification through ASCLD-LAB is a signal to the world that the crime lab's work is sound. Leaders wear it as a badge of honor, often citing ASCLD-LAB's seal of approval as proof of good work.
The significance of that accreditation is now in question.
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Re: Problems with ASCLD-LAB certification for Crime Labs

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:13 am
by brian
Sept 17, 2010: Legislators: SBI needs new accrediting agency
State legislators attacked the credibility of a laboratory accreditation group that gave the State Bureau of Investigation its seal of approval during years in which blood analysts withheld critical test results. ASCLD-LAB, which accredits the vast majority of forensic crime labs in America, had granted accreditation to the SBI every five years starting in 1988. It offered no guidance and did not enforce requirements for specific language in reports.
"Accreditation truly is the final check against this stuff," Glazier said, "and it didn't happen here."
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Re: Problems with ASCLD-LAB certification for Crime Labs

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:30 pm
by brian
Sept 26, 2010: A cozy relationship exists between the ASCLD-LAB accreditation group, a for-profit consultant, a trade group and a lobbyist raises concern about the impartiality of the accreditation group.
From the NC News & Observer Forensic groups' ties raise concerns
The nations largest accreditation group for forensic laboratories ASCLD-LAB, located in Garner NC, is currently under intense scrutiny for missing major problems with the NC State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) lab which has led to the finding of 229 tainted cases by analysts withholding results and hedging on testimony.
The companies sharing the same address and support staff are:
  • *The Accreditation Agency- ASCLD-LAB, 139J Technology Drive.
    *The Trade Association - ASCLD, 139K Technology Drive
    *The Consulting Business - ASCLD Consulting, Inc. 139M Technology Drive
    *The Lobbying Group - The Consortium for Forensic Science Organizations, 139P Technology Drive
    NOTE: Suites K, M and P do not exist.
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