Courts Divided Over Search of Cellphones

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Courts Divided Over Search of Cellphones

Post by MSI » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:22 am

Nov 26, 2012: When can law enforcement authorities inspect a suspects' cellphone? And what of the contents of the phones can they use?
phone data? text data? contacts information? emails? Your location? The GPS data of your phone? It's all there, can it all be used?
See the NY Times Courts Divided Over Search of Cellphones
  • State court decisions are all over the place on what can and cannot be used.
    A Senate committee is about to meet to consider changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act: A proposed amendment would require the police to obtain a warrant to search e-mail, no matter how old it was, updating a provision that currently allows warrantless searches of e-mails more than 180 days old.
See the full article: Courts Divided Over Search of Cellphones

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