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NYTimes.com Links

Post by brian » Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:23 am

NOTE: In this forum we have links to many online news resources. One of them is NYTimes.com.
For some vey bad business decisions by pencil pushers at NYTimes.com all external links to archives of NYTimes.com require that you register your email address. It doesn't cost anything. It's free. But is surely is OBNOXIOUS. Since many stories originate at NYTimes.com we suggest that you register and then you will have immediate access to all the links.
We will also make it a point to find other source for news stories which do not require the 'register now' process. We have informed NYTimes.com that they should make the request to register like FREEWare, where it is a simple message that 'you can avoid this obnoxious pop-up requirement to register' by simply registering, but the pop-up can be closed and you can pass through to the article of interest for folks not in the mood to immediatly register.
But until then, we suggest you consider registering.
Although we dislike their business decisions with respect to their online offerings, we believe that the New York Times has many of the top writers in the industy and it is one of the top places to find informative articles on various news subjects.
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Re: NYTimes.com Links

Post by PaulM » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:16 pm

Well, it seems the NYT wants to know more about some people, and not others ( it didn't ask me for anything ). If it DID ask me for an email address, I suppose I could give it one - a very creative one, one that might have great difficulty ever finding me or my inbox when they sell it to an advertiser :-)

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