Brilliant and Simple Solution to Quadratic Equations

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Brilliant and Simple Solution to Quadratic Equations

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From: Po-Shen Loh Quadratic Method: Detailed Explanation
Posted Oct 13, 2019; last updated Jan 7, 2020
Quadratic Method: Detailed Explanation
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The individual steps of this method had been separately discovered by ancient mathematicians. The combination of these steps is something that anyone could have come up with, but after releasing this webpage to the wild, the only previous reference that surfaced, of a similar coherent method for solving quadratic equations, was a nice article by mathematics teacher John Savage, published in The Mathematics Teacher in 1989. His approach overlapped in almost all calculations, with a pedagogical difference in choice of sign, but had a difference in logic, as (possibly due to a friendly writing style which leaves some logic up for interpretation) it appears to use the additional (true but significantly more advanced) fact that every quadratic can be factored into two linear factors, or has some reversed directions of implication that are not technically correct. In particular, my approach's avoidance of an extra assumption in Completing the Square was not achieved by Savage's method. The related work page compares the method described by Savage, with the method that I proposed. Since I still have not seen any previously-existing book or paper which states this type of method in a way that is suitable for first-time learners (avoiding advanced knowledge) and justifies all steps clearly and consistently, I chose to share it to provide a safely referenceable version.
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Brilliant! Easy! Simple!
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