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The scientific Royal Society strives to stay relevant

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:41 am
by brian
Any time there's a picture of a painting of Sir Isaac Newton in the daily newspaper, it MUST be a relevant article...(at least to those of us who do scientific research and development)...and it is...

Sept 4, 2012: NYTimes: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm
  • Sir Paul Nurse is a Nobel-winning geneticist and currently the head of the Royal Society. The Royal Society is world's oldest continuous (since 1660) scientific society. Nurse laments that science has become too politicized:
    • "Global warming denialists, those who oppose genetically modified crops and vaccinations, or the teaching of evolution: their trick is treat scientific argument as if it’s a political argument, and cherry-pick data.”
    Also from the article:
    • Dr. Nurse is careful to emphasize that skepticism is the lifeblood of science; the verities of one age can become the superstitions of another. But he can’t hide his impatience with those who deny a strong human hand in global warming. You want to argue that the evidence points to only moderate warming? Brilliant; let’s examine the research. But to deny it altogether? The stakes are too high to play political games, he says.
      “They say: ‘Well, no one believed Galileo.’ As if what? That’s an arrogant argument. Galileo prevailed very rapidly, as did Newton, as did Einstein,” he says. “The denialists have completely lost it.”
Please see the full article: NYTimes: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm
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