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Wade's mailbox review

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:20 pm
by brian
Wade Bartlett has a monthly mailbox review which includes all sorts of neat 'stuff'.
We recommend signing up for Wade's mailbox review if you don't already get it though some newgroup (like INCR).
To sign up:
The following is from Wade and contained on the signup page:
Greetings fellow Gearheads, Wreckologists, Scooter-Trash, Geeks, Nerds, and Lovers of Life.
About once a month, I send out a collection of stuff which has crossed my desk recently that I found to be interesting, amusing, scary, shocking, surprising, or otherwise worth sharing.
For years now, I've just shotgunned it to most everyone in my address book. Lately, though, I've had several requests from folks to add them to "The List." There really wasn't a list - I generally selected emails one by one from my addy book, which meant that sometimes people got missed. Plus, I'm having pangs of conscience about sending unsolicited mail (even if I think it's fun and there's no profit in it). This method of delivery ensures that (a) it's OPT-IN, and (b) I don't miss anyone while trying to pick names off the list each month.
Topics vary depending on what comes up, but generally include Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Guns, Police, Crash Reconstruction, Engineering, Technology, and Words. There are occasional special topics (Flowers, Photography, Health, Videos, Social Commentary), and sometimes I dip my toes into politics, but not often.
To get Wade's Mailbox Review sent to your email whenever it gets sent out, just add your name to the list by joining this group. Once you've signed up, you can OPT-OUT any time.
This is NOT a discussion group. There will be no posts except my monthly REVIEW.
One does NOT have to join Yahoogroups to join this list and get this REVIEW. In fact, one will get NO added benefit from this group by joining Yahoogroups, so if you're not already a member, don't bother on account of this!
The membership list is private and should not generate any spammy results. Of course, I can't control the Yahoo! servers, so read the Yahoogroup agreement info when you sign up if you're worried about it.
-Wade Bartlett
The link to sign up:

Re: Wade's mailbox review

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:41 pm
by brian
Snippets from Wade Bartlett's October 2009 Mailbox Review:
Changes at SAE: If Wade understood correctly, to get your one conference admission this year, you must renew your membership before 12/30/09 (no last-minute joining discounts in April '10). The already short congress presentations will be trimmed even more this year to offer speakers "a great opportunity to highlight the main outcomes and conclusions of their work in some brevity, but with enough detail to spark discussions afterwards". The spin is making Wade dizzy!
Wade attended the ITAI/EVU conference in England in September. As with any large group, not every topic was of interest to every attendee, but I think there was something for everyone. Gaining access to the digital archives on the ITAI website makes joining worth while.
Crazy (Wade's word) case law in NH: It's not negligent to drift across the double yellow line for 2 seconds with no attempt to correct, and kill oncoming drivers. Apparently the judges figure that sort of lane wandering could happen to anyone, and was just bad luck for the motorcyclists that time. ... /CITNEWS06
Quiet HEV cars involved in statistically more ped/bicycle crashes than Internal Combustion Engined cars.
Bloomberg Consulting has several openings in the recon realm.
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, IIHS ran an offset frontal crash b/t a 2009 Chevy Malibu and a 1959 Chevy Bel Air. Wade'd rather have been in the '09.
A web-based Truck VIN decoder. One wonders how long THAT will be free.
Wade's topics are CRASH RECONSTRUCTION, CARS, MOTORCYCLES, TRUCKSRING/TECH, GUNS, WORDS. Anyone not on one of the email lists Wade send this to can opt in to get them directly: