McHenry Software Notice of License Termination to ARAS360

McHenry Software vs ARAS 360 Technologies/FARO License Termination and Lawsuit/Arbitration Information
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McHenry Software Notice of License Termination to ARAS360

Post by MSI » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:27 pm

McHenry Software Provides Notice of License Termination to ARAS 360

I hope you all have had a chance to read my article in Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 entitled "A Short History of Nearly Everything! (...about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)". In that article you will find discussions of the pioneering work of my father, Raymond R McHenry, and what he and I have accomplished these past 30+ years of working together as McHenry Software.
In the article we also mentioned that we were consulting with ARAS 360 Technologies Inc. to jointly offer the McHenry Software 3D technology to the general public. ARAS licensed the McHenry Software 3D technology for this purpose.
Unfortunately, due to material non-compliance with the license agreement by ARAS, McHenry Software is no longer able to support the ARAS Collide program.
ARAS is no longer authorized to continue to sell the Collide program.

Since the effective date of our notice of termination of the agreement with ARAS on Dec 21, 2011 we have been in discussions with ARAS regarding the terms of a new license with ARAS. However, it has become evident that the parties will not be able to come to a workable agreement and ARAS has since acknowledged that the license agreement is terminated.
Accordingly, we wish to provide the following official announcement:
  • "McHenry Software, Inc.("MS") announces that it has notified ARAS 360 Technologies Inc. ("ARAS") that the Software Licensing and Development Agreement (the "Agreement"), under which certain of MS's proprietary collision simulation software was licensed to ARAS for incorporation into ARAS products, is terminated effective at the end of the day on December 20, 2011. The termination provisions of the Agreement provide that, upon termination, ARAS maintains a limited non-exclusive license to use the licensed MS software for supporting and maintaining its then existing customers. Any other use of any MS software on or after December 21, 2011, including any new customer sales by ARAS, will be treated by MS as an unauthorized use of the MS software and an infringement of MS's proprietary rights."
We are in discussions with other software companies and expect to make the 3D McHenry Software Simulation technology available to the general public within 3-6 months.

We regret the unfortunate circumstances of this situation.

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