ARAS360 related INCR postings?

McHenry Software vs ARAS 360 Technologies/FARO License Termination and Lawsuit/Arbitration Information
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ARAS360 related INCR postings?

Post by MSI » Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:08 pm

Q: April 3, 2012: I recently purchased the ARAS360 software only to now find out that McHenry Software no longer truly supports that version. Their website has quite a bit of references to your involvement with the software, which I find quite misleading. I have emailed them regarding the same. So I guess my questions is how can I can read the INCR threads on this matter?

A) There were only 2 postings to INCR:
  • Our initial announcement posted March 2, 2012: McHenry Software Notice of License Termination to ARAS360
  • The posting by Kennedy/ARAS which is contained at the bottom of McHenry Software response to Kennedy/ARAS INCR posting
    • For convenience, we repeat the statement posted on INCR by Mike Kennedy/ARAS on March 5, 2012:
      • "Aras 360 Technologies Incorporated has included an optional simulation component called Collide to the Aras 360 Suite. This component, supplied by McHenry Software and integrated by Aras software engineers combined the well- known and validated SMAC and HVOSM algorithms, dating back some 40 years. Recently, as a result of what we consider to be contractual violations, Aras has elected to terminate the arrangement with McHenry software. Aras customers using Collide can feel confident that the threats announced by McHenry regarding licensing will not impact their use of the software. Furthermore these threats are not legitimate and are being contested in British Columbia courts. Aras simulation products will provide the necessary updates and validations going forward. Software engineers at Aras are releasing a suite of simulation products based on evolved collision and trajectory models over the next 2 months. In addition our software engineers are translating the original work of Raymond McHenry into modern software source code. This will ensure more rapid evolution of these models and also ensure real time performance".
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