What is the future of msmac3D and ARAS Collide?

McHenry Software vs ARAS 360 Technologies/FARO License Termination and Lawsuit/Arbitration Information
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What is the future of msmac3D and ARAS Collide?

Post by MSI » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:58 pm

Q: April 4 2011: What is the future of the combination of the SMAC and HVOSM algorithms in a 3D package, as the ARAS Collide seemed to be a good starting point for that?

A: The future of msmac3D, McHenry Software's proprietary combination of the SMAC and HVOSM program, is great! We hope you've read our article in Collision Magazine about our decades of development of various reconstruction and simulation technologies. It is frustrating that our consulting project with ARAS which was supposed to provide a graphics engine for our software devolved during integration such that the current ARAS360 collide product is incomplete.
McHenry Software will be offering the full msmac3D directly and we may also integrate the product into other graphics/survey vendors in the near future. If you are interested, please email msmac3D@mchenrysoftware.com to be placed on our mailing list.
As far as the future of ARAS360 collide,as a result of the justified termination of the ARAS360 License by McHenry Software, we will never again support, update, validate or fully document or completeARAS360 collide or any ARAS360 software products.
ARAS can no longer legally sell or market the Collide program.

The following is a discussion of some of the incomplete portions of the Collide program:

The preliminary raw documentation we provided to ARAS360 on September 8, 2011 and was to be reformatted by ARAS into help file format with Doc-to-Help which we would have and could have done, however ARAS said they would perform that task. ARAS never reformatted or returned the documents in Help file format.
After the release of Collide in October 2011 the documentation was to be supplemented, enhanced and completed to include:
  • Input approximation methods not fully documented
    • The values for moments of Inertia, suspension properties, tire properties, etc. used in the 3D aspects of the collide program are internally calculated and approximated. How are they calculated and approximated? What are their specific values for a given simulation?
  • Validation comparisons not completed
    • What tests were used?, What values were used in the inputs? What was the measured correlation with each of the tests?
  • Further refinements
    • As part of a completion of the validation comparisons with the released version were there any needed refinements to the approximation methods for 3D inputs andor any other refinements? What additional changes and refinements to the program were needed to be implemented to accommodate other validations like reverse steer type rollovers? etc
  • The completion of these items were to be accomplished after ARAS's payment of past due amounts from February 2011 to McHenry Software. ARAS promised several times to pay the past due amounts by early November 2011. ARAS never paid the promised past due amounts. Therefore the work was stopped on Collide before completion and the ARAS License was terminated by McHenry Software on December 21, 2011. Then without our consent, approval, review or permission ARAS posted the raw preliminary documents in January 2012 as being from 'Brian McHenry' on their website as ARAS Collide Advanced Documentation and ARAS Collide User Guide and Simulation Inputs. These documents should not have been posted in their raw format. They are incomplete, raw material, never made into help file format and were not reviewed or approved by Brian McHenry or McHenry Software.
ARAS360 software is not licensed to sell or market any products which use McHenry Software proprietary technology which currently includes ARAS360 Collide.
  • NOTE: The ARAS360 Technologies attorney, David Lunny of Lunny Macinnes, Vancouver, BC included in a letter of February 6, 2012
    • "Accordingly, this letter is formal notice of our Client's acceptance as of today's date of McHenry Software, Inc.'s wrongful repudiation of the Software Licensing and Development Agreement of February 5, 2010 (the "Agreement"). While the Agreement is now at an end, and no further sales incorporating your client's software will be made..."
    Yet ARAS360 software continues to sell/market the ARAS360 collide program and in the 4 months since their McHenry Software License was terminated and 2 months since they accepted the License termination they have not removed all references to McHenry Software from their website and sales literature which misleads potential clients.
We regret the unfortunate circumstances of this situation.

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