ARAS360 Improperly Sends Tech Support Questions to McHenry

McHenry Software vs ARAS 360 Technologies/FARO License Termination and Lawsuit/Arbitration Information
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ARAS360 Improperly Sends Tech Support Questions to McHenry

Post by MSI » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:00 am

Q: Nov 30, 2012: Dear Sir, I am using ARAS Collide and have run into a glitch running a crash simulation. I sent the file to ARAS tech support for review and troubleshooting
They got back to me advising me they had worked on resolving the issue and could not resolve the problem or find out what was causing it (the bullet car hesitates just before striking the target vehicle and then continues the balance of the simulation without any further issues.) They suggested I contact you for a possible resolution. I can send you the file or perhaps you could speak to Keaton Mertz at ARAS technical support to find out what sees and what he attempted to resolve the issue.

A: As you may be aware ARAS is alleged to have breached the contract with McHenry Software to the point we could no longer work with them. Yet they continue to send tech support questions to McHenry software?!
  • Note that they deleted all serial numbers associated with McHenry Software in early 2012 so we can no longer even run ARAS collide.
    This is quite a strange situation that they'd send technical support questions to us when they know we can't run ARAS360 or collide!
    Yet they continue to send tech support questions to McHenry Software and act like there is still some association between our companies??!
I know this isn't due to you nor your issue and i am sorry that you are in this situation.
  • Have you ever received any updates to the aras360 graphics environment since February 2012 to correct a problem they have with the transition from animation to simulation?
    When we last were working with ARAS360 in November 2011 the transition from animation to simulation worked correctly.
    However in an update they posted in February 2012 (v1.4.2), without our knowledge or assistance (McHenry Software terminated the agreement with ARAS Dec 22, 2011), it included a problem with the transition from animation to simulation.
    We believe ARAS360 has corrected the problem since then however they have never posted an update to ALL users which would avoid ARAS360 users wasting time with this animation to simulation transition issue.
    • NOTE: As of October 31, 2012 ARAS360 is prevented by US Federal court court order from sending out any McHenry Software DLLs or using or associating with McHenry Software.
    Please let me know what they send out to you to correct the situation (they CAN send out corrections to their DLLs, just not any McHenry Software DLLs)
You are not the first ARAS360 collide user to have this issue nor the first to send a question to me under their direction of ARAS360.
The problem isn't with the collide simulation. The problem is with the aras360 environment.
Ask them to send you the 'fix' to the ARAS360 environment for the animation to simulation transition.

McHenry Software regret the unfortunate circumstances of this situation.
Please send any questions, comments to If you are a collide user please also send us your sales receipt and serial number. Thank you.
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