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See you at WREX2016 and ARC/CSI Conferences!

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:27 pm
by MSI
McHenry Software will attending and have booths at both:

Re: See you at WREX2016 and ARC/CSI Conferences!

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:19 pm
by MSI
We hope you'll stop by and say Hello and get a look at our msmac2D/3D software.
My brother Officer Stanley K. McHenry, Durham Police Department, retired and I will be at WREX2016.
We are planning to offer a copy of the msmac2D/3D program into the raffle at each conference.
Easily worth more than $10,000 when you compare our capabilities with the competition:
  • The McHenry Software state-of-the-art 2D & 3D msmac/hvosm software currently includes:
    • DXF 3D surfacing, point cloud xyz & e57 surfacing,
    • The worlds ONLY automatic iteration/optimization of SMAC2D or 3D: put in target impact and rest positions, measured damage, wheel drag and the iteration/optimization will get you to an accurate 2D or 3D solution in less 5 minutes! (to be in the update we are sending out this week!)
    • We also include a user friendly interface and very low annual maintenance.
    • See msmac3D Q&A for more information!
    • Much much more!
    • We will be constantly adding extensions, refinements and improvements to the msmac2D/3D product
Why settle for
  • simplified momentum based collision simulation solutions?
  • cryptic old versions of 20+ year old 2D SMAC?
  • exorbitant prices and annual maintenance for dated 3D versions of SMAC/HVOSM?
With McHenry Software you get state-of-the-art 3D simulation technology from the inventors of SMAC/HVOSM/CRASH with technology far superior than the competition and for pricing less than some vendors charge for their annual maintenance fees!
McHenry Software will be offering our msmac2D/3D product at special May 2016 ONLY pricing so please take a look since it will never be at this low a price again. Hope you'll stop by, say hello and take a look! We look forward to meeting you at the conferences!

McHenry Software & msmac3D

If you aren't able to attend but would like a quote with the May discount please email us at for a quote! Thank you for your interest in McHenry Software!

Re: See you at WREX2016 and ARC/CSI Conferences!

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 12:40 pm
by MSI
We've posted up one of the sample/demo videos we were showing at our booth at the WREX2016.
The video includes a composite of a number of our validation videos and a display of the automatic iteration/optimization of the msmac3D (see at 9:30 of the video) and much much more!