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Important Note on Contact Information

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:16 am
by MSI
Several people have pointed out that in some of our SAE and other papers have erroneous contact information.
Just like that Ray has not been at Calspan for 40+ years, some of the email addresses and mailing addresses are old/dated/incorrect.
  • some contain (interpath is an internet company from back in the day no longer in business) we now have or as our emails.
  • Mailing address used to be 103 Brady Court, Suite 200 Cary NC however we moved from that location years ago. We now use a PO Box 1716, Cary NC 27512 to insure all mail will get to us.
Our official contact information is here: Thank you for alerting us to the issues with some of the contact information in some of our papers.