Man rightfully Wins New Trial in Car-Accident Trial

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Man rightfully Wins New Trial in Car-Accident Trial

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From 2005, moving items from former News page of
  • "Computer programs can be used…However the mere fact that the results came from a computer does not make the answers accurate. You should always make a careful review of the input variables and how sensitive the outputs are to these inputs. This applies whether you are using a computer or a hand-held calculator". From Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Northwestern Traffic Institute, §-page:68-32

    “As scientists, engineers and accident reconstructionists, we should not let the unlimited possibilities of making anything look real (with animation) obscure our duty to perform a careful and detailed engineering analysis while also continually testing and evaluating the applied techniques, including computer programs, to achieve the most accurate reconstruction possible”. From McHenry Accident Reconstruction 2003, McHenry & McHenry
February 2005: Brian G. McHenry assisted the defense in obtaining a new trial (and releasing an injured man wrongly convicted from jail) in a case in which the PC-CRASH computer program was inappropriately applied to determine who was the driver of the vehicle. The State of Washington appellate court decision includes the statement:
  • "We conclude that within reasonable probabilities, but for the error in admitting the computer-generated simulation evidence, the outcome of his trial might have been different."
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