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McHenry to a Give Keynote Lecture at 2015 IPTM Special Problems

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:11 pm
by MSI
Brian McHenry of McHenry Software has been invited to give a keynote lecture at the:

2015 IPTM Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction seminar
May 18-22, 2015 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The lecture Mr. McHenry is presenting at 830 am to noon on May 18, 2015 is:
  • The Proper Use of Simulation Technology for Collision and Rollover Reconstructions and Highway Safety
    • The principals at McHenry Software, Raymond & Brian McHenry, have been in the field of highway safety research for a combined period of over 90 years. In that time they have performed research for NHTSA, FHWA, NTSB, public and private research organizations and internal development through which they have invented, developed and enhanced the state-of-the art of collision and rollover simulation programs and other reconstruction tools. The programs include CRASH, SMAC and HVOSM which are acronyms for accident simulation and collision reconstruction programs invented by Ray McHenry and on which Ray and Brian have extensively researched, developed and published. These programs form the foundation for many of the accident reconstruction and simulation tools in widespread use today.

      Mr. McHenry will present a background on these programs, present some of their unique validations and enhancements, as well as present more recent validation and correlation tests of their three-dimensional next generation combination of these programs: msmac3D. The lecture will provide a discussion of the proper demonstration of validation of simulation and other reconstruction programs used for motor vehicle collisions, rollovers, pole impacts and other types of highway accidents.

      Mr. McHenry will also discuss procedures to follow to insure accuracy and reliability when performing reconstructions of highway accidents using these or any other simulation or reconstruction programs. He will include an explanation of key elements which should be included in any analysis both before, during and after the use of simulation or reconstruction programs in order to achieve the most reliable and accurate determinations of vehicle speeds, impact speed changes and contributing factors of accidents based on the factual evidence available.
We hope to see you there.

Re: McHenry to a Give Keynote Lecture at 2015 IPTM Special Problems

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:17 pm
by MSI
IPTM Brochure is now posted up:
Includes registration details and information on all speakers and topics to be covered.

Re: McHenry to a Give Keynote Lecture at 2015 IPTM Special Problems

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:53 pm
by MSI
The current issue of IPTM SPOTLIGHT Issue 12 includes headline:

Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction Conference
  • The goal of every IPTM Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction conference is to bring the law enforcement and crash reconstruction communities the most important, up-to-date issues to better enable them to perform their regular duties. We offer you the chance to work side by side with experienced professionals and learn the very latest techniques in crash reconstruction. Recognized experts present their latest formulas, test results and research findings.Over the years, we have featured staged collisions for you to investigate and reconstruct. Our topics change every year, as we focus on problems areas and situations identified by participants.

    The keynote address will be delivered by Brian McHenry of McHenry Software on “The Proper Use of Simulation Technology for Collision and Rollover Reconstructions and Highway Safety”.
    • Other topics scheduled for the conference include:
      • Speed Ranges Through Statistics and Common Sense Techniques: Real World Case Analysis
      • Vehicle Mechanical Issues Related to Crash Reconstruction
      • Crash Simulation 101
      • Event Data Recorder Update 2015 – Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
      • Working with Time and Distance in the World of EDRs
      • Innovative and Effective Distracted Driving Enforcement Strategies – Technology for Enforcement and Case Studies
      • Forensic Evidence in Crash Investigation
      • Motorcycle Swerving From Crash to Court
      • Air Brake Inspections and Brake Force Calculations for Heavy Vehicles Equipped with Air Disc Brakes
      • Crush, Stiffness Values, and Force Balance Case Study Application(s)
      • Trailer Stability: A Look at the Stability of Both RVs and Utility Trailers
      • How to Make Certain Your Accident Reconstruction is Correct - Identifying the Truth Makers
      • Critical Speed Yaw or Spin?
      • Best Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Practices Guide for Law Enforcement
      • Using Simultaneous Equations to Solve Inline Collisions
      • Video Analysis and Court Presentation in Collision Investigations
      • Nighttime Flash Photography Techniques
    To register or for conference information, click herw
We hope to see you there!