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New Book: The Road Taken

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:06 pm
by MSI
New book on highway infrastructure, and all things roads! A must read for folks in the accident reconstruction and highway collision field!
  • The Road Taken: History and Future of Infrastructure
    From Kirkus Review:
    • Noted engineer and writer Petroski (Civil Engineering/Duke Univ.; To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure, 2012, etc.) gives readers a characteristically eye-opening look at America’s infrastructure.
      The good news, writes the author, is that “the horror stories of corruption, graft, waste, fraud, and abuse” that accompany accounts of construction and maintenance in, say, Italy or China are not the norm in America; where they turn up, they are remarkable for being outliers. The bad news is—well, just about everything else, apart from the ingenuity of the American engineers and builders who put up the interstate highway system, bridges, dams, and other hallmarks of the nation’s engineering history, most now crumbling to bits. Little escapes Petroski’s attention. If you want to know the exact recipe for building an asphalt highway, or are interested in why it might be preferred to concrete in some situations but not others, or have a fascination for asphalt-related statistics
see the Kirkus Review: and get the book! The Road Taken: History and Future of Infrastructure