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NC plays stupid, moving to outlaw red light cameras

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:15 pm
by brian
April 12, 2011: Voting along party lines, the NC state senate voted to approve a GOP-backed bill to outlaw camera systems intended to record motorists running red lights. Senate Bill 187 now goes to the House for consideration.
  • Can't be a money issue, they make money! See the article about how there's revenue in them there lights!
    Can't be a safety issue: see Red-light Bandit ruling may wreak havoc! which includes links to safety research which concludes that while there may be a slight increase in rear end impacts at red light camera intersections, they are minor compared to the t-bone style crashes which occur when folks run red lights. And as an added bonus, the red light cameras document WHO RAN THE RED LIGHT!
So i guess it comes down to a personal liberty issue? Like the folks of questionable intelligence who opposed seat belt laws are the same type opposed to a machine catching them when they run a red light.
Be sure to also see Driver Sues, Blames That Darn Yellow Light!

See the article Senate votes against cameras

Re: NC plays stupid, moving to outlaw red light cameras

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:29 pm
by brian
August 13, 2012: While away on summer break, i return to find out the crazies are running the nuthouse town i live in!
My current town of residence, Cary, NC, apparently voted to end the use of the Red Light Cameras.
So much for the safety benfits!
My guess is that it is because the legal costs associated with defending the red light cameras far exceeds the money generated for the town (only 10% of proceeds go to the town!)
NOTE to Red light camera vendors: Either pay for legal defense OR share more of the proceeds!

Cary Town Council Votes to End Red Light Camera Program
  • The Cary Town Council tonight voted unanimously to discontinue SafeLight Cary, the Town’s red light camera program; however, drivers should be aware that tonight’s action does not immediately end the red light camera program. Citations will continue to be issued until the contract between RedFlex and the Town is terminated, a process which is expected to be completed within the next two weeks. Once the system is disabled, the Town of Cary plans to have the equipment removed from all 15 intersections. Read the SafeLight Cary Program staff report presented tonight to the Cary Town Council, and for more on the program, search “Red Light Signal Cameras” at