Book: Side Effects of Federal Highway Acts of 1956 and 1980

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Book: Side Effects of Federal Highway Acts of 1956 and 1980

Post by brian » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:37 am

Sept 7, 2012: NYTimes Book Review Haunted Highways
In 1956 the Federal Aid Highway Act enacted the construction of ~43,000 miles of interstate highway. So folks could hit the road and see America!
However one tragic consequence of the Act was it also gave lunatics a chance to create terror, murder and mayhem.
The highway killing sprees started with Charles Starkweather (also the topic of a recent book) and included all sorts of killers.
See the new book
    Violence and the American Interstate
    By Ginger Strand
    Illustrated. 252 pp. University of Texas Press. $25.
For information on an unfortunate side effect of the highway system.
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