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Drivers lose yellow-light lawsuit vs. Red-Light Cameras

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:05 pm
by brian
Jan 18, 2013: Drivers lose yellow-light lawsuit against Cary's red-light cameras
Maybe I don't live in the land of the crazies after all!
After the town in which i live (Cary, NC) removed all the red light cameras because a couple of the red lights where the camera's where installed had short yellow cycles, and mainly due to a Cary resident who decided to make his life goal getting rid of red light cameras because of a few bad apples
  • (which makes me wonder if that fellow resident will also try to remove apples from supermarkets, if you have i mean a few bad apples time to rid the town of ALL apples!)
Anyhow his lawyer finagled a class-action lawsuit status to try to get all red-light runners their $50 back from the Town of Cary.
A Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway properly ruled Thursday that drivers who challenged Cary’s red-light camera program are not entitled to refunds of their $50 tickets.
Bravo to Superior Court Judge Ridgeway!
i only wish the town would decide to put them back in!
  • (but broker a better deal, apparently the original deal gave 90% of proceeds to the company who installed and maintained the red-light cameras while that company shouldered NONE of the legal costs! not such a good deal. HOWEVER i believe that red-light camers are useful as a red-light running deterrent, change serious and many times fatal t-bone intersection collisions to some minor speed read enders, and free the police to do more important things)
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