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Report to Congress: NHTSA NASS Data Needs

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:58 pm
by MSI
DOT HS 811 889 Report to Congress: NHTSA’s NASS Data Needs
Report Includes Background sections on:
  • Development of the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS)
  • Modernizing NASS
  • Adding New Data Elements to Better Develop Safety Countermeasures
  • Expanding the Scope of Data Collection
  • Report to Congress: NHTSA’s NASS Data Needs
  • Enhancing or Otherwise Improving Crash Data Analysis
    • - which wishes for better delta-V, EDR Downloads, Vehicle Speeds, etc
COMMENT: Our msmac3D technology can upgrade the NASS technologies for NHTSA and other safety organizations to assist in speed and Delta-V determination.
  • From the summary of our recent 2011 paper:
    • ...with respect to the field of highway safety, we see our work implementing a 3-dimensional collision and simulation model as an opportunity for another quantum leap into the future in the highway safety field. Our hope is that someday in the near future police and investigator applications will generate a large volume of high quality accident reconstruction data, including injury/exposure definitions, that can then used by NHTSA/NASS and other governmental agencies or researchers to serve to further guide improvements in highway safety.