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Proceed with Caution towards the Self-Driving Car

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:03 am
by MSI
April 16, 2013: MIT Tech Review: Proceed with Caution toward the Self-Driving Car by Will Knight
Which begins:
  • Completely autonomous vehicles will remain a fantasy for years. Until they’re here, we need technology that enhances human drivers’ abilities rather than making those abilities increasingly obsolete
In the article Knight reviews: Some items mentioned in the article:
  • many potential problems with autonomous cars; adaptive cruise control systems automatically speed a car up as a driver entered an off-ramp, because the ramp was free of traffic; or they would suddenly slow a car down if the driver pulled in close behind another car while changing lanes, thereby forcing the car behind to brake suddenly as well.
  • From Don Norman "The difficulty lies in the transition toward full automation, when only some things will be automated"
  • if autonomy requires constant supervision, it can also discourage it.
  • relying too much on autonomy could cause drivers’ skills to atrophy. (A parallel can be found in airplanes, where increasing reliance on autopilot technology over the past few decades has been blamed for reducing pilots’ manual flying abilities)
  • autonomy also needs to be more attuned to how the driver is feeling.
See the article: Proceed with Caution toward the Self-Driving Car
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