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First Steer-by-wire production Vehicle

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 10:26 pm
by MSI
May 2012: Wired Magazine: Take a Look Inside the First Steer-by-Wire Car
Look ma, no steering wheel! well not yet, but...the Infiniti Q50 is the first production steer-by-wire vehicle.
The article begins:
  • Steering wheels, watch your backs. This summer will see the world’s first production steer-by-wire
    car—the steering wheel talks to a computer, and the computer talks to the wheels. Eventually the technology could free the automobile from its obligatory dashboard rack-and-column layout—you could put a pagoda on a chassis and drive it with a Nintendo controller if you wanted. On the Infiniti Q50, though, the steering column stays. Juuussst in case. Here’s a breakdown of the new system.
Take a Look Inside the First Steer-by-Wire Car