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What is the approx time/distance to make a lane change?

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 2:35 pm
by brian
Q: What is the approximate time/distance for a vehicle to make a lane change?
A: As a part of a FHWA curve study we investigated cross slope design and in particular the effect of cross slope design on passing maneuvers for vehicles and trucks:
"HVOSM Studies of Highway Centerline Crowns", Contract DOT-FH-11-9575, October 1983 J.C. Glennon, T.R. Neuman, B.G. McHenry.
At the time of the research the only research found that directly measured the passing path of vehicles under normal highway operations was in the following:
  • "Frictional Requirements for High speed passing maneuvers”, Glennon, Texas Transportation Institute Research report No 134-7, July 1971 and
    Passing performance Measurements related to Sight Distance design”,Weaver & Glennon, Texas Transportation Institute report 134-6,, June 1971
Here are a couple more recent studies which may include additional information: Figures from Centerline Crown Study:
passing maneuver.jpg
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passing maneuver table trucks.jpg
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Re: What is the approx time/distance to make a lane change?

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:51 am
by MSI
2010: SAE Paper published at the 2010 Congress on Left turns and Lane changes for Tractor Semitrialers:
Tractor Semitrailer Left Turns and Lane Changes
SAE Paper 2010-01-0049, Merala & White
Abstract:Data regarding the characteristics of left turns and lane changes performed by articulated tractor semitrailer combination vehicles in urban environments are presented. Previous studies have quantified acceleration rates for tractor semitrailers travelling straight, and for automobiles making left turns, but there is a gap in the literature regarding heavy vehicle acceleration during left turns. Likewise there is a lack of published data regarding the duration of lane changes made by these vehicles at highway speeds.
The following are some of the tables/figures:
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