Excellent Quick Response and Turnaround from AVG Anti-Virus!

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Excellent Quick Response and Turnaround from AVG Anti-Virus!

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A week ago a client of ours reported a false positive detection as 'malicious' on our medit3D.exe program with AVG anti-virus.
We contacted AVG anti-virus and sent them the exe for evaluation.
Within a week they fixed the database and sent the following:
  • Thank you for contacting AVG.
    The detection of this file by AVG is incorrect, and we can confirm that the file is not infected. The detection will be removed from an upcoming AVG update.
    Please make sure that your AVG is updated with the latest virus database:
    • 1. Open AVG.
      2. Click the button Update now, or Protection is up-to-date to check for updates.
      3. Once a new virus update is downloaded, AVG will not detect the file any more.

    In case the file was removed by AVG, it will be automatically restored after the update. Alternativelly, you can restore the file manually, as described in the article How to restore or remove file from the Virus Vault.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

The client has updated their AVG and it now does not flag the medit3D.exe as malicious!
Excellent turnaround from AVG anti-virus!
Thank you AVG anti-virus for your quick response and correction of the database!
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