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msmac3D Version 2.0 update posted

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:43 pm
by MSI
We uploaded msmac3D Version 2.00
  • we're still working on documentation, demos and videos.
The many enhancements introduced with ver 1.97 have been further enhanced and improved.
Here are some of the enhancements:
  • Version 2.00
    • Improved!
      • New mpg movie creator, simply click on icon to create mpg movie from 3D graphics
      • Reworked the Tracking View Camera, easier to use and set up views
      • Click on a car to quick access to menu to change specs, model, color, position, node locations, tire track colors, etc
      veh edit.png
      veh edit.png (30.4 KiB) Viewed 1370 times
    • Improved! (beta) Automatic optimization/iteration!
      • Now can automatically calculate the initial speeds based on a crash type analysis (with improvements by McHenry & McHenry)
      • You simply Specify target impact/rest and damage measurements
      • Program calculates a starting speed and then optimizes/iterates to a solution
      • You can now set know speeds (like from EDR) and iterate on other variables only
    • Improved! Structural Nodes automatic creation from 3DModel file
      • Click on your 3D model, dialog appears to right (see bottom of 1.97 information for more), click on the Node image and generate structural nodes in any increment
        nodes.png (69.52 KiB) Viewed 1370 times
      • The 3D Model dialog also now includes ability to modify mode, specification, positions,(see below)
    • Improved! Point Cloud Scan import of e57 surfaces & xyz surfaces
      • easily specify polygon area for surface. Other parts of point cloud for illustration.
      • New dialog with easy ability to 'fill in holes' (scanned location), and define areas of simulation surfaces
        point cloud dialog2.jpg
        point cloud dialog2.jpg (24.59 KiB) Viewed 1379 times
    • Improved!Animulation
      • animation which uses the simulation to follow the terrain
      • simply specify a path/speed and it does the rest
      • quickly illustrate your opinion and then use msmac3D to test and refine the opinion
      • Now saves the animulated inputs (prior version did not)
    • Improved! Animation DXF or M3D models load/display/move on keyframes
      • add trees, buildings, etc
      • add additional cars!
      • Save DXFs as M3D format (McHenry proprietary binary) for quicker loading in other files or for duplicating
      • move and position from easy dialog and all objects can have key frames so they can be animated!
        (similar to animulaton however this is the traditional animation vs. animulation which follows the terrain)
    • image, dxf file and cloud scan sandwiching
      • Now images or dxf surface can be positioned for synchronization
      • larger images can now be draped
    • video menu button in graphics
    • vehicle graphics and specification swap menu in graphics
    • additional menu items for vehicle position and color changing
    • improvements to polygon friction zone editing
    • improvements to terrain elevation editing
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