1,2,3 msmac3D Collision Reconstruction is now as easy as 1,2,3 Promotion

General Questions, answers and information related to the release of the msmac3D program.
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1,2,3 msmac3D Collision Reconstruction is now as easy as 1,2,3 Promotion

Post by MSI » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:02 pm

McHenry Software msmac3D!
msmac3D Collision Reconstruction as now as easy as 1,2,3 Promotion.
msmac3D has optimizing/automatic iteration capabilities for true 3D collision reconstruction simulation software, a quantum leap ahead of dressed up simplified momentum solution procedures.
Started on January 23, which is 1/23, we used this day to point out that our

msmac3D Collision reconstruction program is as easy as 1,2,3 to use

Only 3 Simple Steps!
  • (1) Gather all information on your accident
    • impact and rest positions, roadway picture from google maps, etc, damage estimates, 3D terrain information (manually measured, DXF or cloud) , vehicle types, models
    (2) 3 min to set up an msmac3D 3D simulation
    • See video How to make a 3D simulation in 3 minutes
      Vehicle make & Model are used to load specifications from our database
      Then all you need do is add the impact, rest and damage targets through our simple dialog
      import dxf or cloud point files for surfacing or manually create 3D terrain and then...
    (3) Run the msmac3D optimized/automatic iteration
    • Run the msmac3D Automatic Iteration for a solutions!
      We now automatically calculate your starting speed! and then iterate msmac3D to find a solution!
      See video Introduction to our msmac3D Optimizer/Automatic Iteration
      This is the ONLY automatic iteration/optimization for any version of the SMAC simulation program.
      If you have used any version of SMAC you know it is very accurate but can sometimes be a time consuming process to get a good match of the evidence.
      We have now made the SMAC program extremely easy to use.

See our McHenry Forum for additional information

We will be updating our many videos with new ease of use enhancements!
At McHenry Software we continually update and enhance our science, technology and user friendliness.
Our goal is to create the best Collision Reconstruction software tool in the market.
Please let us know if you’d like an online demo.
Call 919-468-9266 or email us msmac3D@mchenrysoftware.com with any questions or comments!
Questions? Thank you for your interest in McHenry Software
Question? Comment? Please email forum@mchenrysoftware.com. Also see the McHenry Forum Index
Visit McHenrySoftware.com for technical information & software.
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