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General Overview Questions on msmac3D

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:08 am
by MSI
Q: (rcd from email) I would be interested in seeing an overview of the software and its strengths/weaknesses for simulating collisions. We’ve been using PC-Crash for years and I’m not aware of anyone using msmac in our neck of the woods. I would be interested in seeing how msmac can add value to a collision reconstruction. For example, how does the smac algorithm fare at predicting damage profiles and vehicle trajectories. Does it do better in a particular area? How easy is the 3-D environment to work with? Can the software be used to create presentation-ready simulations? Those are just a few of my thoughts.

A: Thank you for your interest in our software. Here are some answers to those questions.

Re: General Overview Questions on msmac3D

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:10 pm
by MSI
Nov 29: some additional questions have come in from potential users so we add them and our answers here:
Q: I've watched several of the tutorial videos linked to your website and I like what I see. When you start a new project and you need a roadway you will say "let me select the two lane intersection" are those intersections whether 2 or 4 lane or straight roadway in the software library or do I have to create my own library?
  • A: Currently we have images in the c:\msoft3D\images directory which include many intersection types. Your question leads us to add more. We also have google maps/earth so satellite and maps can be easily retrieved for any intersection in the world (based on street names or location). In the upcoming update we also will have ability to get elevation data too for intersections and terrains (if data is available in google earth for the location).
Q. Also it appears I can bring in a mapping dxf or a scene from Google? I'm assuming I could also do drone overheads and bring those in? If the answer to all these is a "yes" how many scene measurements do I need to get the software templates or my own files scaled?
  • A: Yes. Any image and most surfaces can be brought in. To scale a picture requires a single dimension. Obviously we recommend knowing more than one dimension to allow a check of the scale.Once you bring the picture in you simply use the ‘set scale’ to set the scale and then can check/modify it on other known dimensions. See our recently added video
Q: Also when the scene is scaled and I add the proper cars do they come in to scale?
  • A: Yes. The cars are scaled to the dimensions of the vehicle specifications/inputs. You can also manually adjust or modify the scale easily too.
Q: Where do the tire marks come from? Do I apply them in the software settings? Skids, tracks etc...
  • A: Msmac3D is a 3D simulation model which calculates the position and orientation of vehicles for every millisecond which includes the forces on the tires and vehicle structure. The tire location are output and used by the graphics for the display of tire marks. Whether the tire is rolling or skidding is based on the simulation which takes into consideration the speed, steer, terrain, friction, etc.
    There are options to change the color, width etc of the tire marks. See
Q: Also are there motorcycle parts, specs included?
  • A: Currently there are not. On user request we can add a motorcycle 3D model (see 3D CAD Browser Motorcycles for models which can be easily added. You simply indicate which model you want. We expect to add 3D motorcycle modeling in 2018 (they currently can be modeled in 2D and displayed with 3D graphics)
Q: What about CMV's?
  • A: es we have trucks and Tractor trailers. Trucks are 2D or 3D. Tractor trailers are 2D, 3D is coming in 2018. All can currently be displayed in 3D graphics.
Ok maybe more than a couple questions, thanks.....
  • No problem. Let us know if any other questions or if further clarification needed on these questions.

Re: General Overview Questions on msmac3D

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:47 am
by MSI
11/30 rcd via email:
Q: Question of the day - can I modify suspension properties? I see the vehicles pitch and roll while the tires stay on the surface. Can the spring and roll rates and CG height be modified?
  • A: Yes of course. The 3D model behind msmac3D is the hvosm program.
    CG height, roll/pitch/yaw moments of inertia, suspension spring rates, travel (bump stop locations), etc can all be changed
    For convenience we automatically create inputs for all models and any and all can be changed.
    Take a look at the many inputs and discussion in our msmac3D manual (includes sections on the background for the program)