msmac3D Version 2.30 Available

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msmac3D Version 2.30 Available

Post by MSI » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:27 pm

msmac3D v2.30 update now posted up.
  • All users will receive an email. if you do not please check your SPAM folder or simply let us know and we will forward the email to you.
This is an update to v2.22 and NOT a full installation.
A full update 2.30 is also available. see V2.30 Full & Update Installation Instructions
  • These are digitally signed updates so your computer should not complain 'unknown application'.
  • Use your login credentials or contact McHenry Softwareto get a login/password.
  • If you run into any issues please let us know
  • If need to, use Program and Features ->Uninstall McHenry msmac3D Graphics3D
  • And then simply reinstall v2.22.
Here is a quick list of some of the new features in this update
  • Path follower path display in 3D graphics
  • DXF Mesh surface import
  • Google Elevation data can now be imported
  • Friction Zone improvements
  • New Movie creation abilities both in setting sizes and wmv movie creations.
  • Ability to start in msmac3D graphics directly or in the medit3D gird
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