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How to get updates to msmac3D?

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:33 am
by MSI
Q: I have no clue how to update my license so I can receive the updated software. I checked the forum and there is not any information.
A: Guess two parts to this question.
1st part is Is your license current?.
  • To check simply:
    • open Medit3D and it may notify you if renewal is required, etc..
    • Or with medit3D open click Help menu->About and it will tell your license serial number and renewal date:
Help ABout.jpg
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if needing renewal see our License Renewal Page
  • Please remember license maintenance/renewal supports continued research and development and reduces our reliance on new sales! See Is msmac3D an annual subscription? for additional information
  • Once you renew you will be sent an email with an attachment of a text file: licensekey.txt . Simply save the attached file to your c:\msoft3D directory which will overwrite the existing licensekey.txt file and you're good to go for another year!
2nd part is: Where to get the update information?.
  • Normally at start up we check for updates of individual components and will post up notification of something needs updating. However if a full update is available currently it does not notify (we are working on a solution)
    • Easiest way to check is simply click Help->Check website for updates
      The page will include notification and links to update installation information.
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An additional way to check for news and information on updates is the
  • Click that link and you will see the various forum topic groups.
  • At the bottom is the Licensee Only McHenry Software Technical Support
    • (Licensees are provided a login name and password, if you've forgotten your name/password simply register for the forum and/or contact us for that information)
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At the bottom if you click on the msmac3D Installation Instructions there is a link to instructions on how to install any updates:
Installation Instructions.jpg
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