msmac3D will be msmac+hvosm? And the path follower?

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msmac3D will be msmac+hvosm? And the path follower?

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Q: msmac3D will be msmac+hvosm? And the path follower?

A: Yes! Path follower is in initial release. It will also be refined so you can simply click on a path to follow, the program runs a curve through it and then the vehicle tries to follow it (based of course on your driver/path follower inputs)
  • Couple other items:
    • The Initial release will be 2 vehicles but we plan to expand to more as well as add 3D tractor trailers. All will be included in the msmac3D product.
    • We’ve also added another ‘interesting’ option when running single vehicle simulations:
      • You can simply run single vehicle simulations
        • OR (and this is how I quickly got those demo videos correlating)
        You can run both vehicles starting at the same position!
        • Great option for testing sensitivity to inputs/running 2 simulations at once when trying to match evidence.
          There is an option to simply turn off the collision interaction for the whole or part of the simulation run.
          Then the vehicles do not see each other.
          I may post up an example soon since it’s pretty interesting how you see only one vehicle until the input variation starts to make one vehicle react differently to the steering and braking, etc.
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