How much will 1-year msmac3D licensing be and will you still have mSMAC2D as a product or is it superseded?

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How much will 1-year msmac3D licensing be and will you still have mSMAC2D as a product or is it superseded?

Post by MSI » Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:44 pm

Q: I’m glad to hear you’re doing well on the 3D release. How much will 1-year licensing be and will you still have mSMAC2D as a product or is it superseded?

A: Msmac2D will still be marketed and supported. And with the release of msmac3D in addition to a free 2 week look at msmac3D all Msmac2D licensees retain the new msmac3D graphics and interface (easier new project creation, more robust handling of bitmaps and DXFs and many other things (see msmac3D Demos for more information)) AND all our 2D graphics programs will still work with both Msmac2D and msmac3D.
One thing McHenry Software believes in is to always remain ‘backward compatible’ on any and all changes so existing licensees aren’t forced to buy a new product or lose work because of any new update.
The pricing is contained in our 2015 McHenry Software Price List.
  • To summarize:
    • The 1st year for msmac3D will be somewhere between $5000 and $7000 or more depending on if you're a msmac2D licensee and other factors.
    • Renewal of msmac3D automatically includes renewal of msmac2D
    • McHenry Software charges a reasonable annual license renewal fee to support our continued research and development of simulation, reconstruction and graphical components so ALL our users are using the latest version and we don't waste time trying to support older versions. For each and every update, fix, enhancement, extension you as a msmac3D user will immediately get notified of an update to download and install.
      • Our msmac3D/msmac2D combo annual renewal fee after the first year will be around $1000.
      • For msmac2D only users the annual renewal will remain $500.
      • Our renewals always include 20% discounts for quick pay.

        For a comparison, see what some others software vendors in the AR field charge for updates/renewals:
        • Other software vendors ‘never charge an update fee’ however they then change the name of the program and don’t support/update or simply drop the program
    • msmac3D and msmac2D will be the main two products we sell and market. No new and improved products to make you buy something new.
    • Each and every update, enhancement and extension, both of the simulation and the graphics will be included in the active license fee.
McHenry Software will work to make msmac3D the complete product for all your accident and collision reconstruction needs.

Thank you for your interest in McHenry Software
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