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Is msmac3D compatible with Mac OS?

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:28 am
by MSI
Q: Is msmac3D compatible with Mac OS?

A: Yes! msmac3D runs on Mac OS through use of bootcamp or Virtual Machines ( VMWare, Windows 7 'XP mode', MAC 'Parallels' hyper-visor / emulator, etc ).
The performance is excellent.
  • From an msmac3D user running it on MAC:
    • I am using it with bootcamp. I tried with a virtual machine (parallels) awhile ago, but had some problems with it. MSMAC was fine on parallels, but other things were not, and was a bit slow. So i just boot into windows 7 with bootcamp, it is a full INTEL machine. Works great, hauls ass. I am sure would work in a virtual machine as well, but just have not tried it in several years