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medit32 full install OR moving to a NEW computer!

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:55 pm
by MSI
This thread is repeated from the medit32 topic so that you do not have to login to get access to this information.
Please note that some of the links will require that you login:
Moving to a new computer or simply want the latest full install of medit32/msmac then use the following link: ... _setup.exe
Note: the file is approx 39 megs. If you like you can email us ( and we'll send out a CD with the file.
Other items to remember:
  • 1) You must also have your dongle (sentinel device). If it is a USB dongle, install the software 1st and then connect the dongle to the USB port of the NEW computer.
    2) You will need to copy your current licensekey.txt file to the c:\msoft directory of the NEW computer. This file is sent to you at renewal. It is also located in your current c:\msoft directory on the OLD computer. If you can't locate it, let us know. We can resend you the file.
    NOTE: Your licensekey.txt file is 'current' for the term of your license which is normally 1 year from date of purchase or renewal.
    3) Once you do a full install, you can simply copy your existing Projects from the OLD computer to the NEW computer. The Projects are located in the c:\msoft\Projects directory. use a USB storage drive since over a network might take a while.
    4) If you still have projects in the c:\msoft\Run directory, simply copy them to the NEW computer c:\msoft\Run directory.
Then you should be able to run the program on either the NEW or the OLD computer!
  • You can order extra dongles to avoid the 'dongle shuffle'.
    Please also see our writeup on resolving dongle issues in the event you have any installation issues (this is a relatively rare occurance).
    In this write-up we have assumed the installation directory is c:\msoft. You do not have to use c:\msoft, you can install to any directory. just substitute your installation directory in the above examples for c:\msoft.