Unexpected expired license message?

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Unexpected expired license message?

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Q: I am getting a message that tell me I have an expired copy of MSMAC. We sent in a renewal Back in September?

A: couple quick things to check:
  • 1) Have you saved the licensekey.txt file to the msoft directory? (or whatever installation directory you chose for medit32?)
    • Sometimes users install to a new computer and forget the licensekey.txt file.
      It was sent to you when you renewed.
      No worries, we can send you another copy.
      Simply email us at mchenry@mchenrysoftware.com and say please resend licensekey.txt file.
    2) Is the date correct on your computer?
    • Sometimes the date can get corrupted.
if these don't solve the issue, please email us at mchenry@mchenrysoftware.com and let us help you get back up and running.
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