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Unexpected expired license message?

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:32 am
by MSI
Q: I am getting a message that tell me I have an expired copy of MSMAC. We sent in a renewal Back in September?

A: couple quick things to check:
  • 1) Have you saved the licensekey.txt file to the msoft directory? (or whatever installation directory you chose for medit32?)
    • Sometimes users install to a new computer and forget the licensekey.txt file.
      It was sent to you when you renewed.
      No worries, we can send you another copy.
      Simply email us at and say please resend licensekey.txt file.
    2) Is the date correct on your computer?
    • Sometimes the date can get corrupted.
if these don't solve the issue, please email us at and let us help you get back up and running.