Problems? How to send files the EASY way, 2017

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Problems? How to send files the EASY way, 2017

Post by MSI » Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:02 am

These instructions are for our msmac3D users, please note the only changes is the use of msmac3D and msoft3D below:
(NOTE: ALL msmac2D AND msmac3D users should be using the msmac3D interface. medit32 has been discontinued)

Problems? HOW TO send files the easy way!
If any problem with medit3D, msmac, the graphics or animation program occurs, the quickest way for us to understand and repeat the problems is for you to send the project INPUT files and/or the LOG files.
The following is a quick walk through FOR MSMAC3D USERS:
HOW TO send Project files and HOW TO send LOG files
Please include with your email a brief description of the issue you are having. We apologize for any issues you encounter with our software.
  • If you are having an issue with a project or file, the easiest way for us to assist you is for you to send us the files so we can walk through the steps that produce the problem and/or permit our duplication of the problem behavior.
    To send the entire Project file:
    • In medit3D, select the
      • File Menu->Send Project to McHenry Software for tech Support.
      This will display a dialog which will indicate the name of the file to be created.
      Make a note of the file name/location (note it has a .Support suffix)
      click OK
      a zip file will be created and a dialog opened where it is located so attach the file with .support to an email and send to us.
      Or use this private DropBox link for McHenry Software Technical Support for uploading confidential projects or files of any size (only McHenry Software can see any files you upload)
Please also see the Getting Started Manual (medit3d ->Help->Getting Started) (note also in the Help menu of medit3D) for more detailed information on the Backup and Restore commands.
  • A LOG file is created each time you start and run medit3D. It is created mainly to assist in problem resolution. These LOG files do not include anything but jibberish used by our Windows programmer to determine where a problem might be occurring. So if you have a problem starting medit3D, we need to see these files!
    The LOG files are located in the installation directory, normally c:\msoft3d.
    To forward them:
    • simply compose an email to and then Insert/Attach a file. When you select insert/navigate, most email programs provide a dialog to navigate to the file(s) you wish to attach/include. So you would navigate to the c:\mosft3d directory and look for the files:
      • Medit3DLog_01.log
        etc (there may be up to five or so files.)
        If you view the directory with 'details' selected (View->Details) and then click on the Date header, the directory will be ordered based on date. Send the 2 or 3 most recent log files.
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