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Important Note on Technical Support

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:59 pm
by MSI
Hello msmac3D licensees!
This is our official notice on the confidentiality of Technical Support:
    ALL correspondences between users and McHenry Software are considered privileged and confidential.
    We are here to assist you with the use of our software.
    Please No case specific questions (keep things hypothetical!).
    No quoting or paraphrasing things we discuss as part of technical support in deposition or at trial.
    Anything on our forum can be used subject to copyright laws (so no publication without our permission)
    This is to protect you, our McHenry Software Licensee as well as us (we really don't want to become part of your case)
    Thank You for your support of McHenry Software!
Also if you have a technical support question, see: Thank you for your support of McHenry Software!