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Your Car Soon Will Know If You're Distracted!

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:48 am
by MSI
MIT Technology Review: Jaguar Demos a Car That Keeps an Eye on Its Driver
  • A company called Seeing Machines wants to use cameras and software to make sure you’re focused on driving
    By Caleb Garling on January 5, 2015
From the article:
    • Many cars already include plenty of sensors—cameras for spotting objects in your blind spot, for instance—but they’re usually keeping an eye on the outside world, not on what’s going on behind the wheel.
      An Australian company called Seeing Machines is turning sensing inward with technology that focuses on drivers themselves in hopes of reducing distracted and drowsy driving. The company is using cameras and software to detect eye and facial movements so it can alert drivers who have become inattentive, either due to drowsiness or distraction. This kind of technology is set to become more common, especially as cars become more capable of driving themselves on some stretches of road.
      Seeing Machines’ technology uses a small infrared camera fitted to the dashboard that works with software running on the vehicle—not on a remote server—to evaluate whether the driver is looking at the road. It evaluates a person’s head position, facial expression, and blinking rate. The camera captures 60 frames per second, and the software analyzes the images to determine the driver’s alertness.
      To date, Seeing Machines has honed its technology in the mining industry, where Caterpillar and other makers of huge vehicles that transport earth and minerals are using it to monitor drivers. “The shift is long and the task is boring,” says Langdale-Smith. “And when [drivers] fall asleep, the vehicles turn into 450-ton juggernauts.”
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