6 Resources for Distracted Driving Safety & Education

News and Information related to Distracted Driving
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6 Resources for Distracted Driving Safety & Education

Post by MSI » Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:01 pm

Just received the following information in an email from Kathleen Carter of EducatorsLab.org:
  • Thank you Kathleen!
If it feels like you’re often driving next to motorists whose mind is focused on anything but the road, you’re right. In fact, the CDC estimates that over a thousand people are injured every day in accidents resulting from distracted driving. After a near-collision last week with someone who appeared to be texting behind the wheel, I did some research and came across the following resources:
  • Distracted Drivers Feel Addicted to Technology Behind the Wheel
    • There is a very disturbing reason we feel the need to use our phones when we’re behind the wheel – we have become so addicted to technology that we depend on it even when we know it’s dangerous to do so.
    Distracted Driving: Preventable and Deadly
    • This resource provides not only the alarming statistics of how frequently we drive while we’re preoccupied, but also offers suggestions on how to put an end to this trend.
    Hands-free Devices Distract Drivers for 27 Seconds After Use
    • Although those of us who enable hands-free devices in our vehicles have the best intentions, these gadgets don’t make us immune to being distracted and putting ourselves and others in harm’s way.
    Road Rules for Little Passengers
    • Our little ones can be a source of distraction while driving if we don’t exercise extreme caution while they’re in the car. Help to ensure that your kids travel safely with these important tips.
    How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car
    • I frequently travel with my dog in the front seat. I never realized how this is not only an unsafe practice for my dog, but is also a constant source of distraction for me even on quick trips!
    Distracted Driving Awareness Month
    • This deadly issue has become so prevalent that the National Safety Council has named April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
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