Link to CRASH3 manual on NHTSA site broken

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Link to CRASH3 manual on NHTSA site broken

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Q: I was recently searching for the NHTSA Crash3 User’s Guide and Technical Manual and came across your webpage (which appears to be one of the very few sources around for this document) however the link is current dead ( ... sh3Man.pdf). Would you happen to have a current source or version of this document available?Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A: The link to NHTSA on the McHenry Software website for the CRASH3 Manual: ... sh3Man.pdf is apparently now broken. We will look to see if it has been moved.
In the meantime, we loaded the same document as a local file to our site years ago in the event NHTSA moved or removed the document.
You can find the CRASH3 MANUAL here: Thank you for notifying us of the broken link.
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