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Elderly Driver Topics

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:59 am
by MSI
We will add references and studies which address the aging population.
  • IIHS: Fatal Crashes Among Elderly Drivers Declining

    Field Measurement of Naturalistic Backing Behavior
    • includes "Elderly drivers demonstrated a preference for using their mirrors and looked over their shoulder less then the young subjects. Except for the extended backing maneuvers, backing speeds averaged around 3 mph."
    Effects of major-road vehicle speed and driver age and gender on left-turn gap acceptance
    • Abstract
      • Because the driver's gap-acceptance maneuver is a complex and risky driving behavior, it is a highly concerned topic for traffic safety and operation. Previous studies have mainly focused on the driver's gap acceptance decision itself but did not pay attention to the maneuver process and driving behaviors. Using a driving simulator experiment for left-turn gap acceptance at a stop-controlled intersection, this study evaluated the effects of major traffic speed and driver age and gender on gap acceptance behaviors. The experiment results illustrate relationships among drivers’ left-turn gap decision, driver's acceleration rate, steering action, and the influence of the gap-acceptance maneuver on the vehicles in the major traffic stream. The experiment results identified an association between high crash risk and high traffic speed at stop-controlled intersections. The older drivers, especially older female drivers, displayed a conservative driving attitude as a compensation for reduced driving ability, but also showed to be the most vulnerable group for the relatively complex driving maneuvers.
    Elderly drivers: Assessing performance or predicting driving safety?