MotorCoach Launch Analysis

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MotorCoach Launch Analysis

Post by MSI » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:33 pm

Feb 2013: With the recent announcement of the 2012 Motorcoach Safety Action Plan, I am reminded of a prior posting:
  • That posting included an analysis of a 'Bus Lauch' which we did with respect to the 1999 New Orleans Mothers Day Bus Crash:
    • In the accident the bus with an incapacitated driver, traveling well over 55 mph (see Bus Launch Speed Calculations & Data for a presentation of scene, photos and speed calculations) ran across 3 lanes and then ran off the roadway for 275 feet before launching across a golf cart path and crashing into the far side slope. A vehicle at the speed limit and applying moderate braking could have stopped on the shoulder in 275 feet. Plaintiff's own experts testified that there was no traffic safety device which could or would have avoided the bus crash. Plaintiffs opined that there should have been a bridge rail, a NJ median barrier (which their expert testified would have produced a rollover and therefore an inverted bus encountering the hazard) and also opined there could have been a tall wall barrier. Questions arise about what guidelines exist for either of these installations in the subject location? And how far from the hazard are the installation requirements for either of these barriers? Would the guidelines require 300 or more feet? And what end treatment (the bus in the subject accident actually passed through the end treatment section of the barrier.
If you have a bus launch type accident, be sure to see Bus Launch Speed Calculations & Data for a presentation of scene, photos and speed calculations.
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